Hello Shaman friend! I have a few questions. I am curious as to how to pick a spirit animal. I feel as though there are animals I love dearly but I wish to know which animal is my spirit animal. Also, are there such things are healers? How would one go about practicing?

Привет! (Hello) 

First and for most, you don’t get to choose your own spirit animals, thats not how it works I’m afraid. They Choose you, which sounds rather horrible I know, but thats just the way it is. If you would like to find your spirit animals please refer to my post on just that topic: Shazam! As to your question about healers, pleaser refer to my posts about healing and my being born a healer: Wham! Bam!

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Personal Cleansing

I was sitting at home last night very, very upset about something that had happened with my dad. While I was sitting in my room fuming, I remembered one of my favorite cleansing exercises that has always helped me clear my head and calm my emotions. It was fantastic for calming myself down before a big match (I have a 2nd degree black belt in judo and used to compete). 

I personally like to cast a circle for this because I tend to draw in energy when doing this exercise, but thats really up to you. You can be sitting or standing, whichever is more comfortable for you, I like to sit, but again this is personal preference. Once you are in position and feel that you are ready to begin, start by taking three deep breaths in, holding them for about two seconds, then letting them out very slowly. 

As you draw in the first breath imagine yourself pulling in to yourself white healing light, when you hold the breath imagine that light seeping into every cell in your body. When you release the breath imagine all the light swelling up inside you.

When you draw in the second breath, imagine that light is seeking out and absorbing all the negative emotions and feelings that are clogging up your body. As you hold that breath imagine the light growing in intensity, so bright that your body glows from within. When you release this breath imagine the light growing so powerful, so intense, that it leaks out of you, casting shadows in the room.

The third breath in fills you with life and happiness, transforming the purifying cleansing white light a warm yellow. When you hold this breath imagine that warm sunshine colored light banishing any of that remaining gloom. As you breath out feel the light start to dim slowly, still powerful, but not as blindingly bright. 

Open your eyes and breath freely, any negativity or sadness that was blocking your happiness is now washed away. This is one of those rituals/exercises that I would suggest you do every couple of weeks. If you feel you need it every day though, or every other day, feel free. It can’t hurt anything right?  

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44 Days of Witchery- Day 27: Picture of Nature (Earth Element)

Image by Svetlin Velinov 

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Gemini Incense

Staying with this weeks theme of Gemini related things, Here is an incense I found that you can burn in your home of you are a Gemini that will increase your personal power. If you want to burn it on your alter for this month it will help increase all of the rituals you preform. Also, having burned this on for my mom, it smells delicious. 


2 parts gum mastic

1 part citron or 1 part mixed orange and lemon peel

1/2 part mace

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44 Days of Witchery- Day 26: A witchy podcast.

ATC Pagan Information Network

“The Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Wicca presents this podcast as a forum for providing information and discussing issues relevant to the pagan community.”

Podcast host Jeff Harris

I don’t subscribe to the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Wicca, neither am I one of their followers, but I love this podcast. This is a great place to lean about the basics of Wicca and Paganism as well as giving a plethora of resources and books for people of any tradition.  

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44 Days of Witchery- Day 25: How do your close ones feel about your witchy path? Do they know? Why or why not?

The people that are closest to me all know that I am a Pagan, thought not many know what that exactly means. I’ve never gone into it with many of them because with the exception of a few people, I am the only member of my family not christian. I have a few cousins that dabble, but none of them have dedicated so much of their life to Pagan or Wiccan lifestyles. 

For the most part everyone in my family is accepting of my faith. I have the occasional cousin or aunt come to me for help with things that only a witch would know how to help with, to they, if not accept, don’t condemn me. I’ve only ever had one outright negative response, and even that was mild at best. All in all I can say that I live my life out in the open about my spirituality. 

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Gemini Oil

Since we are at the beginning of the month of June, which is the time of the Gemini, I thought I would give all my Gemini followers a special treat. 

This Oil is great for Gemini’s to wear, it smells great, and will help to increase your own personal strength. This one isn’t so much “Magical” as much as nice smelling and very simple to make.

As always these ingredients should be added to about 2 ounces of Mineral oil. 

Gemini Oil: 

4 drops Lavender 

1 drop Peppermint 

1 drop Lemongrass 

1 drop Sweat Pea Bouquet 

For those of you that aren’t Gemini’s, this oil can be used to bolster any spells that you might be casting until June 20th. 

Definitions and Associations

Glyph meaning: (♊): The two vertical and horizontal lines symbolise the duality of the Twins.

Quality: Positive: outwardly expressive, extrovert.

Element: Air: thought, intellect, ideas, interaction.

Mode: Mutable: the element in its most fluid form – associated with change and the dissemination of energy.

Body part: Shoulders, arms, hands.

Direction: East

Bi-corporeal: All the mutable signs are double-bodied – Gemini: two twins; Virgo: maiden and bird; Sagittarius: man and horse; Pisces: two fish. They represent the months that join the seasons and signify a dualistic nature that is easily adaptable and can be one thing or another. For this reason the mutable signs are referred to as common signs in traditional terminology. 

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