why do pagans celebrate the full moon?

Well my lovely Grayface, not all Pagan’s celebrate the full moon. In fact there are a substantial number of people who call themselves pagans that never celebrate the full moon. You don’t care about those Pagans though, I’m assuming that you are more interested in the ones that actually do the celebrating. 

The full moon celebrations are called Esbat celebrations, thirteen of which there are in a year. The full moon represents healing and love, so the magick that is practiced at an Esbat is almost always meant to be beneficial and “Good.” For many pagans the Full Moon represents The Mother aspect of The Goddess and believe that thanks and praise should be given to her. 

The history behind the Esbat ceremonies is actually quite interesting and you can read about it here: What Witches Do: The Esbats

For many practitioners the Esbats are looked at as chances to join in celebration with people of like minds. Don’t be fooled though, you don’t have to celebrate with others, an Esbat can be a private celebration as well. If you are interested about this topic, it will be coming up again this week on the blog! 

If you want to know even more about Esbat celebrations you should check out this website. 

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