My first Healing

I don’t remember this particular experience, but Mama Racey loves to tell anyone that will listen about it. She also likes to show off pictures of me nude on a bearskin rug as a baby. Anyways, this is her story, but it involved a young me, so I thought I would share. 

When I was the tender age of seven years old my mom’s doctors found a tumor the size of a grapefruit in her uterus. I remember that at the time she didn’t much seem like the mom I knew and loved. She was in nearly constant pain and in bed all the time under the spell of heavy prescription painkillers.

I remember thinking that I didn’t want my mom to be in pain anymore, and why couldn’t I do something about it? Thats when I realized I could do something about it, I could make her better. I walked into her bedroom, and magic happened.

-Mama Racey’s Perspective-

Chance came storming into my bedroom looking upset, which I’m sad to say was a common occurrence when I was sick.  He was only seven and couldn’t understand why is mama couldn’t play with him like she always used to. He stood staring at me with a hard look, his long hair flowing around his face and his small hands in fists on his waist. 

He took a deep breath and said, “Mama, I’m sick and tired of you being in bed. I’m going to make you better.”

I smiled softly at him and tried to hold back my tears. My poor child didn’t understand what was going on and he thought he could fix me. It was a preciously innocent moment and one I’ll cherish for the rest of my life, even if at the time I didn’t think it was anything more that fantasy on his part.

Chance nodded and crawled up onto the bed, the bed that I had been lying in for weeks. I only had enough strength to make it to the bathroom and back to the bed. He settled in on his knees and started passing his small little hands over my body. He never actually touched me, just ran his hands about two inches over my prone form.

I was letting him do it to humor him, thinking that maybe it would put him at ease if he thought he could help. It was right around the time I thought that thought that I felt the heat starting to build. With each pass of those chubby little hands I felt actual heat building up and pouring from his hands into me. It felt like I was laying outside and the sun was beating down on me from my sons hands. 

This went on for nearly two hours, with no breaks. It got to the point that the warmth felt like it was pouring out of him and me at the same time, like he had filled me up with all the heat and warmth of the sun. It was amazing and I was left utterly speechless. I remember thinking that my boy was truly amazing, beautiful, and so, so innocent.  

Finally he pulled his hands back and curled up next to me in the bed, he looked up into my eyes and says, his voice certain and sleepy, “You’ll be alright now mama, I made you better.” He proceeded to sleep for sixteen hours straight. 

The next day, Chance was asleep at the time, I had a doctors appointment to discuss what we were going to do about the Tumor. My mom was there to give me a ride and I was standing in the kitchen trying to ignore the pain in my stomach by keeping busy. I was wearing a yellow sundress.

The phone rang and and turned to answer it, when in a rush blood and bits of matter fell from me and across the linoleum floor. My mother, a former Nurse, started screaming that I was hemorrhaging blood and going to die. I just shook my head and said, “No mom, I think I’m going to be alright. I feel better than I have in weeks.” Despite my insistance that I was going to be alright, my mom rushed me to the emergency room. 

They gave me an emergency Ultrasound, and this is where the story gets really weird. I had told the doctor at the ER that I had a large tumor in my uterus, but that I felt fine now. He took the results from my most recent ultrasound and went to track down my old results from the week before. He returned about twenty minutes later. 

He was white as a sheet and the hair on his arms was standing on end. His hand was slightly shaking as he handed me the results from my most recent Ultrasound and I asked, scared, “Whats wrong?”

He pointed at the image in my hands and said, “This is the ultrasound we just took, this, ” he held up another image, “Is the one we took last week.” He handed it to me and there was the tumor, measurements and all. I didn’t understand, and I told him so.

He laughed a nervous little laugh and said, “Honestly neither do I. I am a doctor of Medicine, but sometimes we see things that we cannot explain, this is a Miracle, I’ve never seen anything like this.” I told him about what had happened and he sat down, tears in his eyes, and told me, “Ma’am, your son is a very special kind of person. He’s a healer and you need to find him someone who can help him learn how to nurture this gift and teach him how to do it properly.” 

I agreed and went home, feeling like a new woman. I thank my son for saving my life every day.  

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