44 Days of Witchery – Day 20: A picture of a tarot or oracle card, and its meaning. 


The Ten of Swords appears to be a card of terrible misfortune, but surprisingly, it often represents troubles that are more melodramatic than real. The man on this card has quite a few swords in his back. It gives the impression that one would have been enough and too many swords are just excessive. Perhaps this gentleman’s suffering – though sincere – is exaggerated as well. This card can be associated with having nowhere to go but up. It is about knowing the darkest before the dawn. It is about being at the lowest point and feeling that things can get worse. A person with The Ten of Swords should be preparing for an upturn and reaching the pits.

On meaning of The Ten of Swords is hitting rock bottom. When one disaster follows another, we feel devastated at first, but eventually we throw up our hands and laugh. It is so bad that it is sometimes funny. When you see The Ten of Swords, know that the last disaster has happened and you can expect a turn for the better. This card can also show when you are in victim mentality. You are certain that the whole world is picking on you just to make your life difficult. When we are in victim mentality. we think everything is horrible, hopeless an impossibly unfair. A person with The Ten of Swords bemoans his fate and feels powerless. Such a person sees life as hostile and suffers from an attack. He feels self pity and is always on the receiving end.

Being a martyr is also a favorite of The Ten of Swords activity. In this case, the man would say with a weak wave of his hand that he does not want to have fun. Such a person always wants others to enjoy without him. Being a martyr in this sense is not the same as making a sacrifice for another with no strings attached. With The Ten of Swords, either is possible, but doing a good turn for someone else is more satisfying without the strings. A person with The Ten of Swords puts his own interests at the last and is usually self deprecating. Such a person always feels like a doormat. He takes a back seat in everything and lets others go first. He can be considered to be sacrificing.

Sometimes, The Ten of Swords indicates a sad event, but you know when this is the case. There is not even a hint of laughter in your heart. Most of the times The Ten of Swords has a lighter side. It is as if your inner guide is gently kidding you about how you are handling your own personal tale of woe. When you see The Ten of Swords, check your attitude ad know you have reached the point where things will definitely begin to look up. The following can be more closely associated with The Ten of Swords :

  • Bottoming out
  • Victim mentality
  • Martyrdom
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