Exorcism Incense

This weeks Incense is this fantastically powerful Exorcism mix. I’ve picked this particular mix because several of my followers have contacted me with fears of demonic interference in their lives. This particular Incense is strong both in smell and power, so when you burn it please have some windows open. 


3 parts frankincense (for Spiritual Exorcism) 

1 part rosemary (Protection, Exorcism) 

1 part bay (Psychic Protection) 

1 part avens (Purification of negative energy)

1 part mugwort (Lends strength to other herbs and protection of loved ones and children) 

1 part st john’s wort (Protection and power) 

1 part basil (Exorcises negative energy and dark spirits) 

1 part angelica (Creates a barrier against negative energy and fills you with good, radiant energy) 

1 part Sage ( Protection and increases the longevity of the incense) 

This incense won’t be the best smelling thing in the world, of that I assure you, but it will banish any negative energy that might be plaguing you. If you think you are being attacked by some kind of dark spirits or energies this incense will throw those forces off of you and surround you with healing, protective light. Lastly, please make sure you burn this incense with the window open, it not only keeps you from choking, but also lets the incense spread through the whole room easily. 

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