44 Days of Witchery- Day 19: Fire element

Direction: South – the place of heat.

Type Of Energy: Projective.

Basic Nature: Purifying, destructive, cleansing, energetic, sexual, forceful. Heat is a manifestation of this element.

Color: Red – from the color of flames.

Places: Deserts, hot springs, volcanoes, ovens, fireplaces, bedrooms (for sex), weight rooms, locker rooms, saunas, athletic fields.

Rituals: Protection, courage, sex, energy, strength, authority, banishing negativity.

Ritual Forms: Burning or smouldering; heating.

Herbs: Stinging, thorny or hot, as thistles, chilli peppers and bouganvillia; desert-dwelling, as cacti; stimulating, as coffee beans; generally seeds.

Stones: Red or fiery, as in jasper; volcanic, as in lava; clear, as in quartz crystal.

Season: Summer – the time of heat.

Time: Noon.

Tool: Knife/Athame.

Sense: Sight.

Natural Symbols: Flame, lava, a heated object.

Goddesses: Brigit, Pele, Vesta.

Gods: Agni, Hepaetus, Horus, Promtheus, Vulcan. 

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