I just read your post about that “demon” in your father’s house and that reminded me that people used to tell me there were “bad spirits” in my room. I’ve always been some sort of atheist and never believed that. But I’m changing completely my conception of religion and beliefs. I have a dog that NEVER goes in my room, and everyone who enters my room feels uncomfortable. I’ve always felt very comfortable and safe in there… What do you think it could be?

I have intimate experience with not only Demon’s but spirits of ill intent. Make no mistake, there are spirits that are inherently ‘bad.’ My Nana (grandmother) had a spirit follow her for 13 years, he was a Pirate named Richard, and he was an evil son of a bitch. 

You have to remember, spirits are just the manifestation of a person that died, if someone was a horrible person in life, why would that change in death? 

Now, all that being said, I don’t think you have “Bad” spirits in your room perse. What makes me think that is your feeling comfortable when you go into the room even though others don’t. It sounds to me like you have a spirit or spirits living in your room that are overprotective of you. 

I don’t think these spirits even realize that they are making other people feel uncomfortable, I would strongly suggest telling them. Sit down some night in your room and just start talking to them as if you could see them. Tell them that if you invite someone into your room then they are a friend and to stop making them feel uneasy please.

If that doesn’t work and they keep bothering your other friends, you can always Smudge the walls of the room. This is something that comes from both Pagan and Native American beliefs, and is honestly very easy. You need a stick of sage and a clean ashtray. You’ll want to burn the sage while walking around your room, catch all the ashes in the ashtray. 

Once you feel like you’ve burned the sage long enough, I would say the time it takes to walk around your room six or seven times, extinguish the sage stick and dip a finger in the ash, now walk around the room one last time leaving a single smudge of the ash on each wall.

All this will do is clear out any negative energy from the room. If the spirits that are living there are bad or have bad intentions, this will push them out. If they are good and have good intentions but are being misunderstood, they will be left alone.

I would try talking to them for a few weeks before doing the smudging though, if only because talking is always easier. This is one of those situations that I wish I could see for myself. A few minutes in your room and I could tell you…probably a lot about whatever is staying in your room. 

I hope this helped, if it did, let me know, if it didn’t, I have some other ideas as to what you can do, so let me know that as well.

Best of Luck,
Blessed Be.  

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