Altar Oil

Alright, I’ve explained before that I don’t have, or use, an altar. I know however that many of my followers do use altars in their practice of Paganism or Wicca. That being said, I borrowed this from one of my many books, I’m going to give it to you as the book does with no alterations. 

All added to Mineral or Coconut oils.  

4 parts Frankincense

3 parts Myrrh

1 part Galangal

1 part Vervain

1 part Lavender 

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time you know how to mix ingredients for your oils, normally I would have more ritual or ceremony involved. The place that i’m going to deviate from the book is in the use of this particular oil. The book says only, “Apply to your altar regularly to purify and energize.”

The instructions for use don’t really sit well with me, since the altar is meant to be a place of worship for your deity/ies. My instructions for use would be something more along these lines: 

Cast your circle around yourself and your Altar. Take the oil and drizzle it over your hands, make sure they are well coated. Then you should call on your Deity/ies to come and consecrate this place of worship. As you call on them and ask them to bless and purify your altar, slowly run your oil slick fingers over your altar. Touch any candles, stones, amulets, and each time let the divine energy of your Patron(s) pour through you and into the items. 

Once you have touched all of the times that make up your altar ask again for your deity/ies to bless and protect your place of worship and power. Then you can break your circle and clean yourself up. I would recommend doing this every month or so, usually best to complete magicks like this nearer to the full moon. 

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