Best of the Week: May 27th


Remembering your dreams

I saw this as an ask, and since you can’t reblog asks copy and paste!

The Basics:-

You can if you choose make a small Altar by your bedside placing on it a quartz crystal, you will need 2 alarms, one for an early wake up to recall your dreams and the second for your normal wake up time so a alarm clock and the alarm from your mobile.
A notebook/ dream journal in which you will want to write down or draw anything you remember of your dreams in as much detail as you can remember, and something to write with.
Placed them all on the new bedside Altar or your bedside table but kept within hands reach of the bed.
Date your note book/ Dream journal entry before getting into bed this will help to tell your mind your serious about this, and it should help you to produce recordable dreams.

Before retiring to bed you will want to set your first alarm for sometime during the night and the second at your regular time to awaken.

I would also suggest that for recalling your dreams either through the night or first thing you may find it easier to record them on your mobile then playing back the recording and transcribing it into your journal rather than try writing them down half a sleep but that is one of those things that is different for different people so you will have to see which is best for you.
You will also need a clear intention of desire to recall your dreams.

Ready for bed:-
The last thing you do before going to sleep is do a simple meditation whilst in bed.
A simple breath and muscle meditation should be enough ( if you are unsure of the technique then see the Simple breath and muscle meditation that’s posted below.)

Once you are relaxed you will need to state your intention to yourself that you wish to remember your dreams in as much detail as you can…..

Now this is not going to happen over night you are going to be training your mind to accept this request and to do so you will need to say and repeat the request 9 times.

But once your mind is co-operating and you are managing to recall your dreams quite well you can then reduce the amount to times you ask your mind,” I will remember my dreams in as much detail as possible” until then stick with the 9 times, this will re-enforce to your mind that it is not an idol request and you really do want it to start remembering your dreams in as much detail as possible.

Keeping a regular sleep patten will also help. This means readying yourself for bed at the same time every night, no late eating or drinking as this can impede your sleep cycle and it is the REM sleep cycle you are needing. Going to bed at a set time will help ready your body and mind and also re-enforce the message to your brain.

On waking up
think about what your were dreaming and document as much as you can remember but try not to over concentrate let the thoughts float up. some people find it easier to try and make a story out of what they remember, don’t forget to include such things as feelings, colours and sounds and smells, as they can help you to remember other details even later on in the day when you transcribe your dream.
Don’t worry about such things as grammar or things making sense to begin with. These are not the things your wanting to concentrate on also don’t forget what you may not be able to put into words you might get more of a memory back by drawing.
Keep it simple to begin with focus on the main things such as cat- gray flower- pink day or night, hot or cold etc. Once you think you have what you can remember then relax and go back to sleep use the simple meditation if necessary.
Later during the day, remember to check what you wrote or drew and allow yourself to remember as you write up your dream journal

Remember to check back through the pages as you go through the month and see if there is a patten to your dreams and if anything you have remembered has actually happened. if so add the details to the relevant dream for future reference.
Like all things it will take time but it will become easier over time and your dream entries should become more detailed.
Here is a book that you can read, it goes into everything in more detail.

Remembering Your Dreams By Craig Hamilton-Parker

Blessed Be.

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