44 Days of Witchery- Day 16: Favourite witchy website(s).

This is one of the posts that I would really like some input from my followers on, I’m going to give five Pagan/Wiccan based website that I think are pretty good, If you guy would send me more either in my ask box or as a comment, i’ll add to the list! 

  1. The White Goddess: Great overall Resource Page
  2. Dictionary of ‘Pagan’ Gods and Goddesses: I use this all the time when looking up deities. 
  3. Paganlore: Great little website with some handy information, the format leaves a lot to be desired but the content seems to be spot on. 
  4. Lady of the Earth: Another great overall website that touches on everything from the Pagan Holidays to spells and incantations.
  5. Pagan Promises: Another great reference for all sorts of various topics! 

Know any other good ones?

Heathens Lair: This site was created for the Informational and Educational purposes for the ongoing studies of the listed religious and non-religious subjects. (via glittery-cunt)

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