44 Days of Witchery- Day 15: Thoughts on the afterlife?

The afterlife is one of those things that everyone seems to have a different opinion about. So, thats kind of always been my stance on the topic, when you die, you go to whatever place you believe in. Me personally, I believe that the is an actual place where the dead roam, and still have the ability to communicate and talk to us here in the land of the living. 

My Nana taught me that when you die you go to a place where all your pain goes away and you are healthy and young and with the people you love. Not heaven, but somewhere wonderful. I think that this life isn’t the only life we have here on Earth and some souls are young, fresh made, and some are old, who have a purpose and will keep coming back to fulfill that purpose. 

I guess the real question is where do I think I will go when I die, and the answer to that is to see my family around the world and beyond, then suck it up and come back, I know what my purpose here on earth is and as long as there is an imbalance, I’ll be coming back to try and fix it. What about you followers? What do YOU think about the afterlife? 

Either leave a comment below or, if you would prefer, tell me in my ask box, I love hearing from you and if you want me to not publish your views, tell me and i’ll respond privately. Thanks!  

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