Love Spell

Love spells have a long and rather varied history, but that history is biased and so not true. It is impossible, I repeat, IMPOSSIBLE to make somebody fall in love with another person. What you can do though is cause another person to be attracted to you, to lust after you. Lust is NOT love, but it can lead to love, this spell does not illicite lust. 

The whole point of this spell is not to enthrall another person but rather to bring true love to you. This spell will seek out your soul mate and bring him or her just that much closer to you. A big part of love has to do with you yourself, but this spell can give you a nudge in the right direction. 

So, for this particular spell you will need an Emerald Green candle, a fairly long red cord, and some Ginseng. A small paring knife is also needed. 

Cast your circle and get comfortable, this spell will take a while.

First you need to light the Emerald Candle, which attracts love, and set it in front of you (Hopefully somewhere where it won’t ruin your floor). Stare into the flame and think about why you want to find love. Pour all those emotions and feelings into the flame of the candle. This should take at least ten minutes, just keep pouring those emotions and desires into the candle’s flame. 

Once you feel like you have poured everything you can into the flame chant three times, “Burning flame, I cast you out into the world, seek {him/her} that is the other half of my soul.” 

Pick up the Ginseng root and the Paring knife, Cut the Ginseng root in half and say, “Space and time have separated us as this knife has separated the halves of this root.” 

Place the pieces of the root back together and start wrapping the red cord around them, “Bring us back together, The other half of my calls out for me, bring us together so mote it be.” As many times as it takes to bind the Ginseng root together. Once that is done break your circle and take the bound root outside. 

Bury the root somewhere where it will not be disturbed, then wait. Soon your soul mate will come into your life, then the rest is really up to you. I cast this spell very early on in my career as a Witch, and re-met my soulmate a year later, to the day. We’ve been nearly inseparable since. Although, my soulmate is a woman, so in this life we are ment to only ever be the best of friends and nothing else. 

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