Eightfold Hearth Incense

So this weeks Incense is not one of my own, I’ve been using this recipe for a very long time though and I’ve always had great success with it. I’m working under the assumption that you will be using a charcoal brick (As described in my Introduction to Incense). As such all you really need to do for this is make sure the herbs and flowers are ground up well and mixed. 

The original recipe calls for only mixing the ingredients, but I’ve always felt that when mixing any incense or oil a bit of spellcasting over the mixture is never a bad thing.

The Recipe:

Once again, you can use a bowl of some kind and a spoon to crush the ingredients, if you have a mortar and pestle, use it.

2 parts dragon’s blood: Powerful protection for the home, as you add this chant softly, so that your breath mixes with the falling herb, “Blood of the Dragon surround and protect the home and hearth.” 

2 parts myrrh: Powerful herb of Peace and Healing, when adding this herb chant softly, though do not let your breath touch the falling herb, “Myrrh, beloved of the Moon and the Goddess, Bring peace to Home and Hearth.” 

1 part juniper: Protection from theft and evil forces, When adding this chant with a commanding tone, “Juniper, son of flame, Ward both hearth and home from all that would do harm.” 

1/2 part sassafras: Banishes evil spirits and promotes good health, When adding this ingredient ask kindly, “Sassafras, Protector of dreams and health, I ask you to please lend your protection to both the Hearth and Home.” 

1 part orange flowers: Promotes Purity in the home, when you add this one, speak to it as you would a lover and say, “Flower of the Orange, your beauty is unsurpassed, Grant purity to hearth and home to match the beauty you possess.” 

1/2 part rose petals: flower of love and harmony, When adding this simply say, in a soft voice, “Flower of love, Bring harmony to the Hearth and Home.” 

Stir everything together nine times clockwise, it is ready to burn. This particular incense is also wonderful as a gift. 

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