Oil of Protection

This weeks oil is one of my favorite Oils used for Protection. It’s simple, has easily obtainable ingredients, and has multiple uses. Because I see no problem purchasing certain herbs in their essential oil form, this particular mix will call for the use of the essential oils, but if you would rather mix up a batch of Pine oil, using the instructions in my Introduction to Oils, go right ahead.

When mixing this Oil it is always a good idea to have something like 2 ounces of mineral oil that you will be mixing the other ingredients into. I use a small plastic bowl, if you have a mortar and pestle, use that. This, I’m sure, will be one of your favorite Oils to work with. 


Into 2 ounces of Mineral Oil add:

4 Drops Basil Oil (Or two pinches of dried basil powder) for protection of material things, as you mix this into the oil chant softly over the mix, “I bind thee protect the house and home of me and mine.”  

3 Drops Geranium oil (Or a large pinch of crushed Geranium powder) for protection of the emotions and health, as you mix this into the oil chant softly over the mix, “I bind thee protect the health and heart of me and mine.” 

2 Drops Pine Oil (or a pinch of crushed Pine resin)  for protection of your vitality, as you mix this into the oil chant softly over the mix, “I bind thee protect the youth and beauty of me and mine.” (Even those that are older have youthfulness within them, and we are all beautiful.) 

1 Drop Vetiver(t) Oil (Or a sprinkle of crushed vetiver(t), but I would recommend the oil for this particular mix) to protect from hexes and insidious spells, as you mix this into the oil chant softly over the mix, “I bind thee break any hex or spell sent to harm me and mine.“ 

Once all the ingredients have been mixed, stir deiseal (Clockwise) three times while blowing softly on the oil, infusing it with your breath. Once that is done the oil is ready to be bottled and used. 


This oil is one of my favorites because it has many and varied uses. The first, and most obvious, is to anoint yourself, a drop on each wrist and over your heart, which will provide you with protection from all be the strongest hexes and spells of ill intent. I should mention that this oil smells wonderful, like spring with the basil and the Pine. 

Another use for this oil is in protecting your home from people that mean you ill, and evil energies as a whole. Place a drop on all of the entryways into your home, including windows. When you place the drops say, “I revoke all evil from this place, I bar thee and command thee away.” 

If you are so inclined, you can use this Oil to bolster spells of protection, once again anoint yourself with the oil once inside your circle and let the oil aid in making whatever spell you are casting stronger. I use this when laying down protection for friends and family.

The wonderful thing about Oils, is that for the most part you can use them in any situation that you think calls for them, I wouldn’t recommend ingesting this particular one though. Other than that, get creative! And if you think of something to use this for that I haven’t mentioned, or have any questions, leave it in the comments below! 

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