Channeling and Shaping Energy

Every practitioner of every kind of metaphysical tradition should know how to channel and shape energy. In Wicca this is the basis of all spell crafting/casting, in Shamanism it is the means of affecting change in the world around you. A major part of Channeling and Shaping energy is visualization and belief. 

When I say visualization is important, I mean it’s vital and you cannot channel, or shape, energy without being able to visualize properly. I’ve never understood the obsession with white light being the way you are supposed to visualize everything. I mean, I understand that white is a color of healing and protection, but whenever I visualize energy around me it has a distinctly orange coloring to it, and it’s never been an issue for me. 

So, when talking about channeling you have to understand that you could have all the energy in the universe moving through you, and you would be perfectly safe. Once you understand that not only is channeling a wonderful experience, but also a safe one, the actual steps to channeling become much simpler.

When channeling energy I like to be standing in a Circle that I’ve cast ahead of time. Once in your Circle, you should stand in what is known as Anatomical Position, feet at shoulder width, hands at your sides palms facing forward. Here comes the visualization aspect, you have to close your eyes and visualize energy flowing into your body through the top of your head from the sky and the universe. You feel and know that energy is flowing into you from beneath, offered by the Earth, and from the sides energy given by nature and humanity. 

As this energy flows into you imagine it gathering in your lower stomach area, building and building. Once you feel like you can’t take anymore visualize the energy pouring into the rest of your body, down your legs and into your feet, up through your chest, down your arms, out your hands. Feel all that energy using you as a conduit, flowing from the Earth and the Universe unto your body and back out your hands to join all that energy again. 

Once you are comfortable doing that, it’s just a matter of taking that energy that you are feeling flowing through you and with visualization and Will, bending and shaping it to whatever purpose you have. The clearer the visualization and the stronger your will, the more effective the outcome will be. Sometimes chanting helps to focus the energy, or following strict Rituals.

Once you have shaped the gathered energy as best you can, break your circle and let that shaped energy go out into the cosmos to complete whatever task you have set it on.

Congratulations, once you can do this…you can move on to learning how to heal or bind or banish!  

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