Spell of Protection

Alright, for this weeks spell I thought I would share with everyone one of my most used and favorite spells of Protection. Protecting yourself and those you love is a vital part of Shamanism and Paganism. Since most of my magic is done sitting in the center of my circle building my energy and chanting, I don’t use very many other items. If you like having offerings to the Four Quarters or you want to have your alter at the center of the Circle, go ahead. I would highly recommend burning some Myrrh Incense and anointing yourself with your favorite Oil that heightens psychic ability or provides protection. If you have a favorite God or Goddess feel free to invoke him or her as well, since this is a powerful spell you may need the added support from your Deity. 

Alright, to get started cast your Circle, I use chalk or if I’m outside salt. As you know you should have everything you need inside the Circle with you before you close it. Light your incense and place a drop of your preferred oil on each wrist, each eyelid, and over your heart.

I always recommend sitting for a few minutes, 10-15 at the most, and breathing deeply. As you breath you should be calming your self down and feeling for your energy, which resides very near your sternum. Let the sounds around you lull you into a calm place and expand your awareness out around your body. Once you’ve done this raise both hands into the air and start chanting: 

“Air above and Earth Below 

Flame that burns, Water flows

I call you now, your power to me! 

Air as Wind, Ephemeral and Sweet

Earth as Mountain, Steadfast and Ancient 

Flame as Blaze, Fierce and Wild

Water as River, Swift and Alive

Lend me your gifts, Ward me from Harm. 

Lend me your gifts, Ward me from Harm.

As I Will it, so it be done.” 

The most important part of this kind of spell is not the ritual, it is your ability to visualize Air as Wind, Earth as Mountain, Flame as a Blaze, Water as River. As you chant this over and over you will start to feel strength and a sense of safety pour over and through you. You are asking the four elements to lend you these gifts that will keep you safe. 

When you feel that your mind, after chanting and building your power in the circle, is focused only on the spell and it’s purpose, break the circle and let the power you’ve gathered flow out so that it may fulfill the task you have been building all that power for. 

This is one of the most effective and useful spells I have created, and yes, this is my own spell. It can be used to offer protection to others as well, just say, “Lend [insert name] your gifts, Ward [insert name] from Harm. Lend [insert name]your gifts, Ward [insert name] from Harm.”  If this spell is done correctly it will afford you protection from hostile magic, grievous injury, and other dangerous things. The strength of the working, as with all magic, depends on your strength of Will and the energy that you gather. 

If you have any questions feel free to leave it in the comments below. 

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