44 Days of Witchery- Day 6: Air Element

(Photo by Javi Ure

Direction: East – the place of sunrise.

Type of Energy: Projective.

Basic Nature: Flying, moving, fresh, intelligent, suspending. Sound is a manifestation of this element.

Color: Yellow – the yellow of the sun, the sky at dawn

Places: Mountaintops, wind-swept plains, cloudy skies, high towers, airports, schools, libraries, offices, travel agencies, psychiatrist’s offices.

Rituals: Travel, instruction, study, freedom, knowledge, recovering lost items.

Ritual Forms: Tossing objects into the air, suspending tools in high places, fanning light objects, visualization, positive thinking.

Herbs: Fragrant, as many flowers; pungent, as in culinary herbs such as dill; airy, finely-veined, or wind-swept; generally leaves.

Stones: Light stones, such as pumice; transparent stones, such as mica.

Season: Spring – the time of freshness.

Time: Dawn.

Tool: Wand.

Sense: Hearing, smell.

Natural Symbols: A feather, incense smoke, fragrant flowers.

Goddesses: Aradia, Arianrhod, Cardea, Nuit, Urania.

Gods: Enlil, Kheohera, Mercurym, Shu, Thoth. 

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