44 Days of Witchery- Day 5: A favorite Goddess

I’m the kind of person that believes honesty is very important, so, that being said, I don’t have a Patron Goddess. When I ‘pray’ I pray to the universe and the Earth, to The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars, I don’t usually make a specific entity the focus of my prayers. If there was ever a goddess that I would pray to it would be Estanatlehi, or The Changing Woman. She’s a Navajo and Apache goddess that encompasses many aspects: 

The Apache called the earth goddess by this name, for she never grew old. When her age began to show, she simply walked toward the east until she saw her form coming toward herself. She kept walking until her young self merged with her aging self and then, renewed, returned to her home. Among the Chiricahua Apache, the name of this eternal goddess was Painted Woman. “Turquoise woman” was the Navaho sky-goddess, wife of the sun. She lived in a turquoise palace at the western horizon, where each night she received her luminous husband. Sister (or twin or double) of Yolkai Estsan, the moon’s wife, Estsanatlehi was able to make herself young each time she began to age, thus her name, which means the “self-renewing one.” 

 She is seen as the goddess of change, and it is said that she progresses through age to become an old woman, then becomes a young woman again. She passes through an endless stream of lives, always changing but never dying. Estanatlehi created the primeval pair of humans from maize. Afterwards she became the ruler of the realm of the dead, in the west, from where only the good things for humans come from. The Navaho tales tell how the first man and woman observed a black cloud descend onto a mountain, and perceiving great portents therein, approached the mountain, where they found a baby girl. This was Estanatlehi, who grew into a full-grown woman within eighteen days of the couple taking her home. It is also said that the goddess, feeling lonely, fashioned men and women out of small pieces of her own skin, to keep her company. “The woman who changes”. She is a shape-shifter, and is associated with transformation and immortality. She is the mother of the twins Monster Slayer and Born for Water, who rid the earth of monsters. The first humans are said to have been created from skin rubbed from her body.

One of the driving factors in my life has been the constant need for change. I strive to change the world around me as often as possible, but also myself as well. I’m always learning new things and changing my rituals and practices in accordance to that. My path is a winding one, and always will be, for that I am thankful. Chaos and change breeds new life and power, as a fire in a dead forest can nourish the land and allow new plants to grow so shall I try to sweep away and harold in the new. 

I found this poem that I feel you could use should you wish to pray to The Changing Woman: 

 Changing Woman

Winter to Spring, Summer to Fall 

Changing Woman You are them All 

 You Dance On the Mountains Around Your Hogan 

To Bring Changes to The World 

 You dance On the Mountains of the East 

To make the Rain clouds Come 

 You Dance On the Mountains of the South 

To make the Earths Jewels Sing Out 

 You Dance On the Mountains of the West 

To Make all the Plants Grow 

 You Dance On the Mountains of the North 

To Create the Animal People We Know 

Woman of the Wheel of Time 

Who is Beyond all Time and Space 

Woman who can be Infant , Maiden ,Mother, Crone 

All with infinite Grace 

Teacher of all things that Matter on this Earth 

Harmony and the Blessing Way 

Great Mother of Life, Death and Rebirth 

Be with us on this Day 

Keeper of the Paths of the Dead 

On the Western Road from were all good comes, its said 

Turquoise Woman In your Palace Bold 

Do you Greet Tsohanoai When the Sky is Red 

The Rainbow Path from your Hogan Top 

Leads to Heavens Stairs 

When The Rainbows Arc the Sky 

We are Reminded How Much you Care 

Bringer of the Blessed Pipe 

To Remind us of the Debt We Owe 

To Remind Us to be Grateful 

For all the Wonder you Bestow 

Changing Woman of Many Faces 

We Bless and Thank you for your Graces 

All fortune that’s Mine is because you are Divine 

Estsanatlehi Creator of the World 

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