Spirit Animals/Totems

This particular topic came up recently with Kimbra, she expressed an interest in finding out what her spirit animals are. Of course I was ecstatic because this is one the steps needed for not only spiritual growth but also for helping to focus and channel energy during rituals. It took me a little bit to figure out how I wanted to approach this with Kimbra because she has limited access to some of the things I would use to go on a Vision Quest. 

I figured that using the visualization and meditation route would be best for this particular situation. The draw back to seeking out your spirit animal this way is that it can take several sessions for you to get any kind of response. For instance, this was the technique that I myself used when I was first getting acquainted with my spirit animals and it took me nearly three weeks to get any results. 

So, the steps that should be taken should you want to use this method are actually very simple. I like to believe that everyone has a place tucked away in their, what we’ll call, soul that is safe. It can be a desert with a pink sun or a forest that’s alive with birdsong. Whatever that place is for you visualize yourself there when you’re laying bed getting ready to go to sleep. 

You need to clear your mind of everything else (this is usually the hardest part for most people) and focus on the image of yourself sitting in that special place. It’s very important that you imagine this place in as much detail as possible because you want it to be as real as possible. When you feel yourself starting to slip into sleep you should call out into that special place and ask for your Totem or Spirit animals to come to you. 

I would recommend asking for them to consider you and if they find you pleasing accept you as their student. Have no illusions, when you take on your spirit animals, they are in charge. You are trying to seek the wisdom and power that they can offer you, and if the accept you they will help you if you ask, but never try to force them. Never. 

I have three Spirit Animals that now come when I have need of them, you might have one or five of thirty. Thats the thing about Spirit Animals, they will come to teach you what you need to know, and they can leave should you no longer need them. I doubt my Spirit Animals will ever leave me because I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning from them. 

Kimbra did as I asked and her first spirit animal came to her in about a week. I would recommend that once you have your first Spirit animal, find out what offering, if any, he or she would like. Honor your spirit animals and they will honor you, it’s a very give and take relationship. 

Once you’ve found your spirit animals, you should keep them to yourself, you don’t have to, but I would recommend it. Kimbra and I have discussed what my Spirit animals are and I know what her first one is, but that’s because we are close friends and she’s basically my apprentice. If you trust someone, go ahead and tell them what your spirit animals are, but if they are someone that means you ill, there is much that can be learned with that knowledge. 

And because I am, if nothing else, a bit of a hypocrite I’ll share with you the first spirit animal that came to me. My spirit animals encompass different aspects of my personality and where my metaphysical strengths and weaknesses, so when the Bear came to me I wasn’t really surprised. If you’re interested in some of the symbolism associated with various animals, and once you know yours are interested to find out what that means, here are some links for you:

List of Various Animals w/ meanings

List of Purely Native American Spirit Guides

Large list of Shamanistic Spirit Animals

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