44 Days of Witchery- Day 1: What’s your witchy background?

I vaguely talked about this in my Introduction and Cast of Characters post but I suppose there’s no time like the present to talk about the actual nitty gritty details. I feel like I should say that my path might not be what you could call “Typical” though, is there really a typical path for this kind of thing? I don’t really know, but either way heres my story. 

I remember very clearly when I first started getting interested in the occult, I was eleven and at my dad’s house. His wife had some books about witchcraft and healing, and I snuck off to my room with a few books and devoured them. Later that same year, I officially started practicing Wicca. 

Wicca is a beautiful religion, but it just wasn’t right for me. I’m not exactly sure what about Wicca rubbed me the wrong way, but it did and I was once again adrift at the tender age of 12. I was looking for something to cling to, some kind of direction. What I found, oddly enough, was Christianity. 

I joined what I thought was a wonderful little Southern Baptist Church, I went to the youth group, put on my sunday finest, you name it, I was there. I threw myself fully into my beliefs, which I always seem to do, and started looking at becoming a Minister. I was on what I like to call the “Fast Track,” meaning I was going to bible study, giving guest sermons on sundays, you name it, I was there. 

I’d been going to my church for something like two years when a very pivotal moment in my life occurred. My youth minister, who I thought was not only the nicest man I’d ever met, but also the most devout, was thrown out of the church because some kids had been mean to another youth group student. That kids parents (who donated a large amount of money to the church) complained to the minister, and the bastard threw my youth minister and his family out of the church. This single experience broke my faith in god to pieces, and so I was once again cast adrift. 

Almost immediately I started refreshing my knowledge of Wicca, and through an internet search found out about Paganism. I knew I’d found my path at last, and so for the next two or three years I devoted myself to studying everything I could find about paganism and the occult. I learned a lot, and know a lot, I can read Tarot Cards, I’m a natural Healer, I can talk to Spirits, I can do a lot of things that most would say I shouldn’t be able too.

About five years ago, I started learning about Native American Shamanism, and again I knew I’d found the path I was supposed to be following. I’ve read a lot and done hundreds of spirit quests, looking for answers and more often than not getting them. I’ve been afraid sometimes, and felt like I was in danger, but you know, I don’t think I would have grown as much as I have without that danger. 

That brings us to where I’m at now I suppose. I’m still educating myself, and I always learn something new whenever I try a new spell or chant. I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning though, and for that I’m grateful because it keeps me on my toes and reminds me every day that I’m on my right path. 

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